Winning SAMA at the age of 16 and getting a chance to meet the late Mr. Mandela isn’t something any artists can say.

Growing up in a small town called Vredenburg along the West Coast of Cape Town is a young lady with an enormous passion for music. Axene the one and only says that what she does isn’t just a career but a journey in life. Having a supportive family was a very big influence for Axene and through intense soul-searching, Axene found her footsteps in the music industry.


Asking her what she wants to achieve through her music, Axene’s answer was so inspiring. “My main focus in music now is to remind people to be kind, loving and understanding towards others and themselves. If I’m able to bring something positive to just one person- I’d be happy with that.”

Getting to know Axene we just had to find out what’s her next step when it comes to her career. Axene is currently in the writing process so it’s expected that something new is on its way, by something new it can be the album release in 2018 that everyone is talking about.


When she’s not in the studio it won’t be a surprise if you see her somewhere else, as this young lady is busy as ever. When she’s not singing or performing you can catch her teaching music as well. Axene is also signed with MAD entertainment as she feels the way they promote artists and do charity work is quite incredible.

Leaving us with one last something, Axene is also a host for a podcast and Youtube channel that she wants to launch before 2018. So having a life that’s leading up to success, we encourage everyone to follow Axene on social media and see what it means to “climb the ladder to success.”

Facebook: @axeneofficial

Instagram: @axene_official

Youtube: @Axene Official